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Maintenance/Pool Care

As well as constructing new pools, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services. Our team of qualified engineers provide all the pool owner needs, from basic chemical advice and supply, through to leak detection and underwater repairs.

We devise “tailor-made” maintenance visits, scheduled at your convenience in addition to the annual commissioning and winterising of outdoor pools.

Pool Covers

Pool CoverAuto CoverAuto Swimming pool Cover

An essential accessory to your pool, we offer a wide range starting with solar bubble used in conjunction with a manually operated reel through to the fully automatic options. All have the advantages of keeping your pool clean, retaining the heat, chemical levels and reducing water loss through evaporation. More importantly, the safety aspect of the automatic pool covers provides complete peace of mind to the pool owner.

Pool Cleaners

Polaris CleanerPolaris CleanerPolaris Cleaner

Designed to minimize the time and effort involved in keeping your Brickell Pool, clean, sparkling and in tip-top condition.

We offer a full range to include the three main types, suction, sweeping and electric. Please contact us for further information.



We supply all the swimming pool and spa chemicals you require, such as chlorine tablets and granules, algicide, "shock", ph increaser and ph & alkalinity reducer as well as test strips.

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